My name is Gutu Shifera
and I’m singer!


My name is GUTU SHIFERAW. I was born and grow in AYIRA GULISSO. Spiritual song is my life; and is a channel through which I communicate with God. My soul feels rest in it. I have started serving using Spiritual Song since 1993 and I am the best witness that serving God is very rewarding. Life comprises many ups and downs; and I have suffered the difficulty of life. But, believing in the Almighty God full heartdedly left me with Eternal Happiness. I have started my church service at W/W/M/NA/G/W.

My first spiritual song was “TOLLIKEE ARJUMMAAN KEE” (YOUR KINDNESS AND GENEROUSITY). Consequently, God has provided me with many spiritual songs. I have uploaded Solo spiritual songs on social media and got a lot of Youtube viewers. After long period of time, again, I have released an Album comprising 15 songs.

These all were happened not with my effort, rather, because of the unending supporting hands of God. My first album is entitled “OOLCHAA” (SAVIOR). God saved me changing all the impossible. That is why I used this name for my album.

My Objective and Vision is promoting the Kingdom of God, through spiritual songs and music. On top of this, I have a dream and wish of helping Orphans.